Heating Your Cookies

Our cookies are good right out of the bag, but all cookies are better warm.

TAKE THEM OUT OF THE BAG FIRST! We recommend 20 seconds in the microwave, it's just so much easier. If you have no micro or the oven is more your style, 2-3 minutes in a preheated 350 oven is good too.

Storing Your Cookies

Your cookies will arrive individually wrapped and sealed. We don't use preservatives or chemicals, so the cookies won't last forever like an Oreo or Chip's Ahoy.

We recommend freezing your cookies if you aren't going to eat them within a day or two. They're good for months that way!

When will my cookies arrive?

We will bake and ship or deliver your order on Fridays when we restock dough. Shipment is via UPS.

What makes you different?

We set out to build a better cookie company. We tried cookies from every company we could find. Some were OK, some were great, but they all could be better! With 2 chefs and 5 years of teaching experience, we perfected our recipes to give you the best cookies anywhere!

Why are your boxes so plain?

Custom printed boxes are expensive and end up costing you more. We use simple packaging to keep your cost low, less waste, more cookies!

What if I don't like the cookies, can I return them?

Food items can't be returned. We describe the flavor and texture of the cookies as accurately as possible so you can choose what you like best. If we clearly made a mistake, it will be fixed.

Should I heat my cookies? How long will they stay good?

All baked goods are better warm. We recommend freezing your cookies unless you're going to eat them within a day or two, they'll last months that way. Check out heating and storage info below!

Is it true you hire felons? Is this company legit?

Would you ask Martha Stewart about her past, or just eat the cookies?

We hire every kind of people and treat them as an equal.