Inside Out Cookie how we bake our cookies

We use clean label ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible!

Our dough is built on butter, sugar, flour and eggs.

We NEVER use:

  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Colors
  • Trans fats, gums or binders
(Oreos and candy mix ins often contain artificial ingredients)

"It took hundreds of hours to perfect my recipes and techniques to bring an exceptional and unique cookie experience to the world."

We care about cookies!

We make our cookies individually, by hand in our bakery.

Our recipes are the product of years of testing and development. We make small batches and work on small details to give you big cookies!


Inside Out Cookie Founder nick freed about us

Hi, I'm Nick, the founder of Inside Out Cookie Co! 

I started Inside Out Cookie on December 19th of 2021. My vision for this company has always been to give people the very best cookie they’ve ever had, while making a positive impact on the people around me, the people who work with me, and the entire community. 

I'm not your typical baker. I learned to bake in prison. I spent my time away learning to bake, teaching baking skills to other inmates, growing myself and my core values, and turning an otherwise negative experience into something amazing.

I’m happy to tell the story of why I was there. You can find it here.

It’s my goal to continue to be a positive influence on the world around me and to make my current actions and character speak louder than my past. I hope you enjoy the result! - Nick

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