Chocolate Chips!

  • Southern Chocolate Chip

    Straight from the dirty south. This more traditional chocolate chip cookie packed with chips and roasted pecans, and a heap of chocolate ganache inside. Coming soon with a pecan pie inside!

  • Nutella Chocolate Chip

    Our signature gooey chocolate chip cookie dough with a big ole gob of Nutella baked into the inside. Our hot mixing method makes these sticky, soft and perfect.

  • Boss Chocolate Chip

    The softest and gooiest cookie out there. These have to baked in a ring cause they turn to liquid n the oven. It's like eating caramel, sticky and soft and they stay that way.

  • Chocolate Chip Bredgie

    Yeah, we know what a Brookie is. This one's a Bredgie! It's our Boss Chocolate Chip dough but surrounded by only the brownie edge. Firm and slightly crisp on the outside with a soft gooey cookie inside.

  • Bougie Chocolate Chip

    This one is locked away for now, but will be back soon! A more complex flavored cookie with notes of raspberry, espresso, and spiced rum. Mixed with the same hot mix method as our traditional chocolate chip dough so they're soft and gooey and stay that way.

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